10 major technologies which are used for smart cities


Smart cities are not just an idea or dream of the future, they are now a reality. IoT, AI, and other destructive technologies have made it possible to take advantage of technology and improve our quality of life. Here are some high-tech initiatives that every smart city should have.

  1. Information and Communications Technology: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an extended-term for information technology (IT) that includes the role of integrated communications.

2. Internet of Things (IoT): The community and industry have evolved with the advent of multiple technologies, real-time analysis, machine learning, and embedded systems.

3. OT Security: With the evolution of networks, 5G and lower latency are becoming more widespread. OT security has grown and the approaches and technologies are very different.

4. Geospatial technology: Smart cities use geospatial technology to make urban environments more accessible and sustainable and to detect ecosystem-related disasters.

5. Artificial Intelligence: AI and IoT can be used together to implement smart traffic solutions. This will ensure those city dwellers can reach their destination efficiently from one destination to another.

6. Blockchain: Blockchain with the rapid growth of urbanization, smart cities need efficient and sustainable solutions for transportation, the environment, and security.

7. 5G: This is one of the most critical and major technologies to help make the Smart City revolution possible. This will allow you to connect millions of devices with fast connections.

8. LPWAN Enabled Infrastructure: Large-scale wireless networks such as LPWAN and 5G will be the key to big data communication for smart cities in the future. Uninterrupted data-based operations are needed to serve millions of residents through complex communication networks and infrastructure. LPWAN will be the main connector for the infrastructure of the Smart City.

9. Smart Camera: Smart Cameras are one of the most important technologies to be implemented in the Smart City.

10. Contactless technology: Contactless technology is programmed to be used in smart cities to facilitate contactless payments, deliveries, meter readings, and preventive health. The Google Cloud AI platform is ideal for users who want a comprehensive and reliable experience. Google integrates its AutoML, MLOPS, and AI platforms with the goal of providing a healthier experience. It offers code-based and no-code-based tools to simplify a machine learning experience. Additionally, CV algorithms will leave your own mind with video processing modules. In addition, the relationship with TPU and Tensorflow is absolutely reliable and excellent. Today, it can take up to 10 years and billions of dollars to develop a pharmaceutical company and bring a new drug to market.

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