10 strategies to develop your outcomes rapidly


We’ve all heard of many great tech companies and have been inspired by them many times, haven’t we? These tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, or Google have always been a great inspiration to all startups.

Set the right goals and key outcomes

All major tech companies use goals and key outcomes to determine their goals, achieve deployment, and measure progress towards strategic goals. The original idea for OKRs came from Intel, and spread to the Silicon Valley digital natives.

Open for change

Most leading tech companies have the ability to change their trust systems based on failures such as Microsoft, LinkedIn and Amazon. These changes have the potential to accelerate the rapid growth of the company’s DNA.

Individual solutions

Personalization is very common these days with big tech companies. Teams create experiences that are tailored to each visitor’s goals and pain.

Look for diversity

Discovering or updating diversity serves as a key. When we look at big technology companies, they are diverse in nature because they know all the benefits that come with a diverse team.

Design your own technology

The most important lesson is to invest in the ability to build your own technology, which is always beneficial in many ways. At this point, every AI startup should have its own software to ensure reliability, data concerns and more.

Invest in technology

Of all the AI ​​startups, consider technology as a great investment, but do not consider it an expense as it is going to pay double the return. While innovation comes with budget approvals and cap ‌x vs Opex debates, it sometimes slows down and limits team enthusiasm and interaction with new ideas.

Creates 7 clear processes

Most inventions are born out of anarchy, but many leading technology companies have clear processes and methods that promote nationwide innovation.

Interrupting the market

All AI startups need to learn about the digital barrier that identifies where existing solutions have matured and are behind the needs of consumers.

Stress in marketing and communication

Large technology companies are ready for dynamism and innovation as they have strong marketing and PR teams.


AI startups need to be prepared to try and experiment with new things as big tech companies try technology to replace traditional models. With many trials comes success that leads to innovation.

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