2022 is a crucial year between brands and users


2022 is the year of a conscious symbiosis between brands and users: Anita Kotwani

 It has been 2 years since we suffered the greatest life changer of all time – the Covid pandemic. This is not a post-pandemic world, but a co-pandemic world where we coexist with the consequences. Anita Kotwani, CEO of Carat India, says its impact will continue to be felt in the way we live, travel, shop and act.

 Before coding our 2022 game plan, let’s think about some of the defining trends of 2021 and how we can adapt to deliver meaningful solutions to our partners mine.

 Empathy First

 On the one hand, consumers have changed very quickly in 2021. The second wave shook the country from its center. Although not considered, it has certainly become a looming topic, reasoning for strong brand empathy.

 So for Philips, we’ve moved away from conventional product-focused communication and we’re united with the public. A video element has been created to remind the public to take care of their mental health during these difficult times and we are with them all the time.

 The campaign was very well received because the focus was on a broader perspective. He points out that sometimes all a brand needs to do is step away from their push strategy and just be the one who cares about the audience.

 Accelerating digital adoption

 Second, because most activity is inward, a digital acceleration that should have taken 45 years has occurred in the last 11.5 years.

 Digital Payment Adoption Soars

 With most purchases being made at home and growing skepticism about physical cash exposure, digital wallets have received a boost very big push. After COVID19, 9 out of 10 Indians prefer online payment gateways.

 The Dawn of OTT

 What began as a result of circumstances (live TV filming suffers from limitations), has become a habit of the masses.

 India has opened its doors to alternative entertainment, with platforms like ZEE5 growing by almost 200%. In this explosive landscape, we have created real and tangible value for our customers.

As the only agency with a dedicated tool that allows customers to precisely target users on the OTT platform, we took the lead in 2021. We deployed the OTT planner to Mfine during the campaign.translate the brand launch to capitalize on India’s post-pandemic OTT growth story.

 ScreenFree Media

 Along with the development of contactless media such as QR code, AR/VR, voice and audio control has received a big boost.

As voice overcomes language and literacy barriers in India, digital audio streaming has seen a huge boost.

Kid-friendly content is up 155%, cooking playlists are up 20%, and news podcasts are up a whopping 245%. We led the wave at Intel’s pace with a voice-activated ad on Gaanaa, allowing users to learn more about 11th Gen processors.

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