40% runners across the country prefer to consume plant-based protein: Oziva

40% runners across the country prefer to consume plant-based protein: Oziva

OZiva is a certified clean and plant-based protein and herbs brand combining modern food and ancient Ayurveda. Considering running as an integral part of your health, OZiva aims to support running enthusiasts at various marathon events held across the country to connect with these runners and the running community.

                                           The first phase involves connecting with all the participants before the marathon that is held in different parts of the country and providing them with their ‘ Runners Fitness kits’.

                                            The next phase involves interaction with the runners via trainers and coaches. The trainers and coaches are the most trusted guides responsible for training the athletes according to their performance and providing them with appropriate assistance and instruction for relevant skills.

The kits comprise Bioactive Plant-based protein containing clinically proven active ingredients- GreminTM and Biotin Hair Multivitamins Gummies that include scientifically studied ingredients- SesZenBioTM. The product helps in 59% faster absorption of protein and 4X faster recovery. Biotin Hair Multivatimns Gummies help support 4X better hair fall management.

                                              According to a recent survey conducted by OZiva, almost 40% of runners choose plant-based protein supplements as their form of protein. The OZiva Bioactive Plant protein helps in 59% faster protein absorption and 4X faster recovery by reducing inflammation and hence is a good choice for go-to plant-based protein.

The survey also found 81.6% of runners believe that building stamina and muscle strength along with recovery are essential factors for a successful run. The product includes 25 grams of vegan protein and 5.5 grams BCCAs blended with various vitamins and minerals.

                                              Speaking on the occasion, Mihir Gadani, Co-founder of OZiva said- Since the last two years of the pandemic, many runners did not get the chance to participate in any race or marathons and practice running. Now the marathons are again gaining their original craze and we are proud to support passionate marathon runners by providing them with much-needed nutrition in form of our runners’ kit. We are proud to meet the expectations of our customers by offering them world-class fitness solutions and inspiring them to become better versions of themselves in a nature-friendly manner.


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