90% of users view gaming as a possible career option in India- HP Indian Gaming Landscape Report 2021


In India, PC penetration is limited compared to mobile phones, it represents a massive growth opportunity for the PC gaming sector. Taste for changing to PCs for gaming was led by Millennials and Gen Z respondents (70%), as well as by Enthusiast and Casual Gamers (75%).

The gaming community of India is displaying a growing preference for PC gaming, based on a study conducted by HP. The HP Indian Gaming Landscape Report 2021 has disclosed that 89% of respondents believe that a PC offers an excellent gaming experience than a smartphone.

Gaming as a Career Option:-

Gaming has also launched as a viable career opportunity with over 90% of respondents agreeing that the gaming sector is a possible career option. As surprising it may sound, but 84% of all women respondents want to pursue gaming as a career, followed by 80% of male respondents, along with Gen X (91%) & School Students (88%).

Ketan Patel the MD of HP India Market, said, “With people spending more time at home, gaming has seen a dramatic increase, as consumers look to find new avenues for entertainment, social connect and stress release.

The PC has emerged as the preferred device that brings out the most comprehensive gaming experience. The shift from smartphones to PCs by gamers perfectly represents a massive business opportunity for HP.

Patel said, “The Gaming is among the fastest developing segments in our PC portfolio and we expect to continue this momentum and consolidate our position as the major leading PC gaming brand in India”.

Gaming as stress buster:-

The other findings from the HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021 are, the increasing rise of PC gaming as a stress buster and a tool to connect with family and, friends especially during the prevalent challenge of limited social interaction.

Vickram Bedi the Sr. Director of Personal Systems, HP India Market, said, “In recent times, the necessity of technology in maintaining the social connect and aiding in positive mental health has become paramount. Gaming has emerged as a wholesome program that the entire family can connect and participate with family and friends. PC Gaming is now a universal phenomenon, and career opportunities in the industry are immense. This not only represents a huge opportunity for India to shine on the global stage but also highlights the immense value that the PC brings out as a device, with its all-round capabilities.”

Over 92% of respondents agreed that gaming helps relieve work, study pressure while reducing stress and increase positive feelings. In addition, 91% believe that gaming fosters greater peer-level socializing and helps make new peers. And 91% of respondents also believe that gaming boosts concentration and attention levels.

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