RCS messaging users likely to reach 3.9 billion by 2025, says Juniper Research


Juniper Research according to its new study predicts that the worldwide number of users of RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging will reach 3.9 billion by the year 2025 a whopping rise from 1.2 billion in the year 2020.

Accordingly, the prediction, it is the greater operator involvement in RCS technology that will be a key to build up a multimedia-viable business messaging ecosystem that the company will have. IP-based RCS protocol will enable the rapid development of new services for RCS customers and enable other market players such as advertisers to play a much more prominent role in messaging over the next five years.

The new RCS Messaging study brings up new opportunities, monetization strategies, and market forecasts from 2020-2025 and warns the operators that do not invest in RCS services will miss out on new revenue streams in the future such as media advertising.

Thus, operators need to increase the potential for RCS as the RCS ecosystem, which is managed by an operator rather than an application-based ecosystem, provides an important differentiation point by offering validation via MSISDN (International Mobile Subscriber Number) as a means of user authentication and traffic forwarding. The study estimates that more than 40% of mobile users will work on networks that support RCS by 2025. And around 15% of growth was visible in the year 2020.

However, the study warns that applying RCS to advertising in the short term must be done carefully so as not to compromise the quality of the user experience. Effective payment processing via RCS and consumer tracking requires standard user authentication procedures. Operator-supported RCS services enable protocols to use existing technology rather than relying on application-based practices.

To support best practice, it is recommended that stakeholders focus their development efforts on features that provide immediate benefits to end-users so that features to create a reliable messaging ecosystem that can sustain valuable promotional activity when the ecosystem matures.

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