A car for everyone’s budget: New campaign of Cars24


From the period of our ancestors and till now, transportation has been one major thing that has got its importance. Especially when it comes to the automobile sector, it has it’s own customers and fan base. Due to this pandemic that occurred globally, there have been some major allowances that is been provided in several places. And now it is the turn of the automobile sector that comes forward to take steps to reduce the burden and understand the needs of the customers.

As we all know, Cars24 is one big firm in the market which buys and sells your used cars at the best price. This company has it’s own customers and is one upcoming companies in the market. Now, due to this pandemic, Cars24 has put forth another important and essential plan that could satisfy the customers.

The campaign is all about, ” A car for everyone’s budget”. The slogan itself talks a lot about the actual content. The campaign strives to make its customers own a car for themselves at an affordable price.

Due to this pandemic, some lots happening about us. Even public transport has found some serious change. People have started to quit public transport and opt for a four-wheeler of their own to support social distancing. 

The company has conducted a survey on the needs of the customers and the report highlighted the there has been an increase of 41 percent in the intention of consumers to use private cars to commute and settle for pre-owned cars instead of brand-new cars to reduce pressure on their wallets.

This gives a clear image of what the customer needs during this pandemic. Moving further and giving it a deeper analysis, we can figure out this is due to the lockdown and a pause in our daily work routine that led to the drop in the economy. The currency we spend on has been dwelling and found a greater change.

From meeting their luxury needs people have now moved on to meet their basic needs, this is because no one has adequate cash in their hands. Every sector around you is down now. And people are finding they are new normal to make their survival comfortable. 

The campaign offered by Cars24 is again a trend to adapt to the customer’s behavior and their present shopping scenario. It is also safer to own a private car rather than using public transport. To adapt to the new normal and get benefitted is all we can do.


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