A collection of Apple’s recent product launches, organized by method 

A collection of Apple's recent product launches
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Tomorrow will see the official start of Apple’s WWDC 2021, and in preparation, we’ve compiled a list of all the hardware announcements the company has made throughout its years as a market leader. The company has made some significant strides in building momentum and revolutionizing the tech industry. It is thought to be one of the largest software events ever held. 

Let’s examine each launch that has occurred over the years in greater detail. 

(2004) Aluminum Cinema Displays 

This high-end display had dual USB 2.0 ports and a one-piece aluminum construction. It had screens that were 20 inches, 23 inches, and 30 inches. The latter was exclusive to the Power Mac G5 and had a $3299 sticker price. 

2006 Mac Pro 

When Apple unveiled the first Mac Pro in 2006, it entered the market for high-end desktop computers aimed at business users. The Mac Pro had redesigned interiors that allowed access to hard drives, RAM slots, and PCI cards while maintaining the exterior appearance of the Power Mac G5. At the time, the Mac Pro’s entry-level model cost $2499. 

2008 iPhone 3G 

This one utilized a new mobile operating system called iPhone OS 2, which received a lot of attention because it supported the 3G connectivity that the most recent iPhone had. Over 1 million iPhone 3G units were sold in the first weekend of the launch for $199, setting the bar for the revolutionary technology that Apple had yet to introduce. 

2010 iPhone 4 

With the introduction of a new design language, this new device brought about a significant change. With FaceTime, Apple also introduced a retina display and a front camera in addition to the flat glass design, which proved to be an improvement over its forerunners. 

2012 15-inch MacBook Pro 

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro was a professional laptop that was designed to be sold to musicians and graphic designers. It included a retina display as well. It began selling for $2199 and was dubbed the “most beautiful computer.” 

2017 iMac Pro 

This extremely strange device, which had a starting price of $4999, also did not find much success. Apple earlier this year discontinued this device because no updates had been made over the years. 

2019 MacPro model 

The price of this device, which starts at $5999, has caused a lot of controversies. However, this product fulfilled every need that business users had in the previous years when Apple failed to live up to its promise. Focusing on the performance of the device, Apple completely redesigned it intending to satisfy professional users. 

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