Lessons Apple Can Teach Salespeople 

Lessons Apple Can Teach Salespeople
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Anyone would want to be associated with Apple Inc., the American multinational tech giant that is the largest technology company in the world by revenue, the fourth-largest PC vendor by unit sales, and has a long list of other accomplishments. How come, though? The caliber of the employees who carry out its operations holds the key to the solution. As is often said, a business can succeed if the right people are hired for the right positions. But to get the right people we need to train them to brush up there skills, and Apple does this job fantastically. So let’s examine what makes APPLE what it is. 

The company uses the acronym A.P.P.L.E. to describe its fundamental philosophies: “A” STANDS FOR Approach customers with a warm welcome; “P” STANDS FOR Probing politely to understand customer needs; “P” STANDS FOR PRESENTING A SOLUTION TO THE CUSTOMER TO TAKE HOME TODAY; “L” STANDS FOR LISTEN AND RESOLVE ALL THEIR ISSUES OR CONCERNS; AND ” This philosophy must be followed by all employees at all times while they are at work. 

Don’t try to fix pronunciation errors. 

Correcting customers who mispronounce the names of the company’s offerings is viewed with scorn or snobbery. Employees are therefore instructed not to correct any pronunciation errors made while speaking with customers. 

No sales targets 

Sales quotas are not encouraged by Apple for its employees. They are, however, given training in various forms or moved to other positions within the company under their performance goals. Additionally, selling Apple care products is prioritized, and one-on-one customer support is encouraged. 

No selling, only assisting 

Employees are not supposed to sell Apple products, per their training manual, but rather to simply assist customers after learning about their needs—some of which may not be known to the customers themselves. Additionally, a focus is placed on listening to customers and reassuring them that Apple products will meet all of their needs. 

Instruction for new hires 

A new hire receives five days of 40-hour training covering every product under the Apple brand. The staff at their Genius bar receives additional training time. 

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