A true celebration of Diwali is by supporting the needy; HP India


Diwali is a time for celebration, preparation, brightening up the atmosphere, and decorating dwellings. These happy and fond memories are brought in by these fun-filled moments of togetherness.

The holiday season is a time when brands go all out to promote their product offerings and solutions to a large audience to gain maximum exposure. The ultimate celebration of the festival of lights, according to HP India, is in supporting people around you.

Festive campaigns are created to strike the proper chord in the hearts of consumers. And, when done correctly, it can help to create a lasting impression on their minds. This is why brands all around the world are doing everything they can to take advantage of the season and the chance.

HP India came out with a new Diwali commercial, titled Diye Se Diya Jalao, which stars Patel, an elderly juice shop owner who is concerned about his business being relocated from a busy market to a quiet narrow lane.

The covid pandemic, according to Patel, made the previous year difficult for all firms, including his.

The ad then depicts Patel’s amazement when he discovers a big line outside his shop one morning. He soon discovers that the owners of an adjacent salon, restaurant, and clothes store have lent him an assist by ordering juice from his business for its customers.

The nearly five-minute ad is a tearjerker that sends forth a message of hope and brightness this Diwali. One lamp can be enough for spreading light in a darker world. The ad shows how to be one for bringing a smile to a sad face.

The “festival of lights” is how Diwali is sometimes referred to. Let us gaze outside the four walls of our own houses this year. Not to see if our lights are brighter, but to bring light to those who are always in the dark. Then and only then will true ‘Ramrajya’ triumph.

Studio Simple came up with the idea for the film. In a LinkedIn post, Sainath Saraban, co-founder and head of creative at Studio Simple, explained his experience making the film.

The Perfect Diwali can only exist in a society where people can distinguish between needs and wants, where desires do not muddy the lines between right and wrong, where leaders do not become tyrants, where smiles reflect happiness in the heart, and where light is meant for all.

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