Aarpoy, the first-of-its-kind audio-on-demand platform in Malayalam


Collective Phase One launched Aarpoy, Malayalam’s first-of-its-kind audio-on-demand platform, on November 24, 2021, by Kerala’s versatile author, screenplay writer, and film director, MT Vasudevan Nair.

Collective Phase One is a group of filmmakers, artists, and media professionals who played a significant role in producing a new wave in Malayalam cinema. Some of their work includes critically acclaimed films like Annayum RasoolumEeda, etc.

They have expanded their wings to other fields like film making, acting workshops, disaster relief, rehabilitation, and collective organic farming.

Collective Phase One offers best-in-class audio post productions with perfect acoustic treatment. The voices, music, and sound FX are recorded with professional microphones like Neumann U87s, AKG 414s, stereo mics, Preamps, etc.

The Malayalam podcast, Aarpoy offers its listeners premium audio programs on various themes in the Malayalam language related to fiction, drama, detective fiction, science, literature, etc. 

It also features audio programs of famous and renowned figures of Malayalam cinema and cultural areas.

Aarpoy aims to become the quality infotainment for Malayalam listeners across the world. It is a platform that will provide equal importance to both the quality of the content and the technicalities of its audio.

Aarpoy produces, releases, and promotes quality audio programs giving equal care and attention to its technical and aesthetic qualities.

Another exclusive and exotic feature offered by Aarpoy is that it premieres audio from the two extreme areas of Kerala, from the densely populated forest areas of Idukki to the densely populated city in Kerala, Mattancherry.

Aarpoy captures 360-degree sound from the natural forests of Idukki that will surround listeners with an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. 

Another amusing program featured by this Malayalam podcast is a special interview with a local underworld done by Mattancherry.

Aarpoy’s first season highlights the dramatic adaptation of the chronicles of Amanullah, with actor Sreenivasan lending the lead voice. Amanullah was a person who helped the Gulf migrants to deal with their trials and tribulations.

B. Ajithkumar, film editor, director, and a member of Collective Phase One commented on the need for such an exclusive podcast for Malayalam language to provide content-rich, quality audios for Malayali listeners.

He further commented that Aarpoy would be adopting a hybrid-revenue model that will provide total transparency while sharing its revenue with content creators.

The Malayalam podcast, Aarpoy has recently launched, and Malayalis hope that it offers them quality-rich, potential, and informative content.

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