Minnal Murali, a new film from Netflix, will be released soon


Who doesn’t love superheroes? They have superhuman strength and use it to fight evil and save the world. ‘Minnal Murali,’ one of the year’s most anticipated Malayalam films, will be released globally as a Netflix Original. Basil Joseph directs the action film Minnal Murali, which is produced by Weekend Blockbusters (Sophia Paul).

Tovino Thomas will play the superhero ‘Minnal Murali’ in the forthcoming superhero film, which is about an average man-turned-superhero Murali who is struck by a bolt of lightning, bestowing him with unique powers. Guru Somasundaram, Harisree Ashokan, and Aju Varghese also play important parts in the film. The film will release with subtitles in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and English, giving fans the chance to meet their new favorite superhero.

According to Basil Joseph, the film’s director, “We wanted to build a superhero who people could identify to and connect with on an emotional level.” As much as action is at the core of a superhero film’s appeal, we made a concerted effort to create a compelling story that could stand on its own while providing a backdrop for the action. There is a lot of promise in this picture, and I’m looking forward to its release. It’s been a dream product for the entire crew, and I’m delighted it’s coming to Netflix.”

Sophia Paul from Weekend Blockbusters remarked, “As a producer, this was my most demanding and rewarding experience.” This adventure has made me proud. We assembled the greatest cast, crew, and platforms to help Minnal Murali become a ‘local’ superhero. Because it’s a human narrative of emotions and situations, this superhero movie crosses language barriers. Minnal Murali has made me very happy and proud of him. I’m delighted we had the chance to collaborate with Netflix on their next Malayalam feature. Minnal Murali is only the start. We have just begun.”

“I’ve been linked and dedicated to the character of Minnal Murali from the very beginning,” Tovino Thomas remarked of his time canvassing Minnal Murali. I spent all of my time speaking with my director to achieve the greatest possible outcome, and Minnal Murali was a labor of love. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m thankful that, even in these weird times, people can still enjoy movies from the comfort of their own homes thanks to Netflix. I hope that everyone who sees the movie enjoys Minnal Murali as much as I do.“

“Malayalam cinema has grabbed the viewers with creative narrative and excellent filmmaking craft,” said Pratiksha Rao, Director, Films and Licensing, Netflix India. As we broaden our film roster to include more varied Malayalam tales, we’re thrilled to introduce Minnal Murali to Netflix as a Netflix Original. Tovino Thomas stars in this must-see local heroic narrative that will move and thrill audiences worldwide.”

Keep an eye out for this beam of light, that will only be available on Netflix!

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