OneFitPlus launches a digital campaign with Siddharth Malhotra


Within the Fitwarz app, OneFitPlus has created India’s first multiplayer fitness game. This is located in Hyderabad. Fitkit and RPM Fitness have developed a linked game that will be played on a treadmill and spin bike, respectively. A real-time multiplayer experience encourages players to exercise, while gamification keeps them interested. 

Playing video games with friends may be a lot of fun, but understanding is way more intense. Clients may join Fitwarz to run and bike with thousands of other users, or they’ll invite their friends from Kashmir to Kerala to affix and race on Fitwarz. As a member, you will participate in group rides and events, additionally as just join the globe and acquire on with other riders whenever you wish. During the hours of 4 am to 12 am, races are planned every half-hour. 


a) You may play with other players in Multiplayer mode. 

b) Take within the breathtaking vistas on seven different tracks. 

c) FitBoard’s rankings are also an excellent motivator. The higher your rating, the higher your workouts are, and the other way around.

d) Use emoticons and stickers to speak with other users.

e) Your friends and relatives are ready to see your workout.

Through live emoji conversation and therefore the FitBoard, users can stay connected while exercising and keep track of 1 other’s progress while they determine. It shows user profiles and real-time workout information, providing a community atmosphere where users may compete and push one other to induce fitter. there is a new short track option within the programme for track & field fans that permits treadmill users to urge an entire track experience. 

Recently, the corporate hired Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra to function as its brand ambassadors. They’ve also released an ad starring both Kiara and Sidharth as part of this campaign. In the words of Amit Mathur, co-founder and VP of technology at OneFitPlus, “We are very happy to announce the debut of India’s first multi-player connected fitness game. While exercising, people should enjoy themselves by immersing themselves in an exceedingly sport-like environment. this can be the final word aim.

For iOS and Android, Fitwarz allows for thousands of players to play at an identical time, and it’s accessible on both platforms. Bluetooth pairing with one among our smart cardio devices is required. “We hope our customers just like the multiplayer experience, and that we aim to produce more similar.

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