DailyHunt launches ‘podcasts’ to deliver high quality content


Dailyhunt, India’s #1 local language content platform, recently introduced a section concerning podcasts going on for the app to disclose to its users high-air content in their preferred languages.

By introducing audio content in merged Indic languages once Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, and English, Dailyhunt aims to evangelize podcasts in Indian languages.

As a first step, Dailyhunt has united behind the Hubhopper Studio podcast platform, to bring diverse and broad-ranging audio content to its users. The popularity of podcasts as a medium of content has been in the region of speaking the rise.

As per KPMG’s Media and Entertainment Report 2020, India recorded a 29.3 % tally in podcast consumption in the first year of the pandemic.

According to a PwC symbol, India is the third-largest consumer of podcasts as of 2020 (after the US and China), after 57.6 million monthly viewers. As content preferences along amid Indians shift, Dailyhunt hopes to meet the changing demands of the population, in providing relevant content, of high mood, and in the language local to the users.

To this extent, the partnership following Hubhopper brings on a peak of 10 million hours of audio content from popular voices taking into consideration Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Smriti Notani, spanning across categories as soon as religion and spirituality, self-auspices, comedy, health, TV and film, event and finance, sports, arts, along amid others.

Dailyhunt moreover plans to onboard more podcast creators to broaden its content base and bring to its users a variety of topics to pick from. The world of content is for all time-shifting and growing and we at Dailyhunt objective to adjust and grow when it. We have shared a deep whole back Bharat’s consumers and their content habits for on pinnacle of a decade now, and they remain our biggest get-up-and-go.

We launched podcasts upon the app minister to on to conformity their growing appetite for storytelling and long-form content in the audio format, but more importantly to make knowledge more accessible and appealing. We taking office in the tremendous potential of podcasts as creators and brands now have the opportunity to meaningfully member gone their audiences.

At Dailyhunt, we are functioning to innovate its product to minister to the content needs of a Bharat audience across languages, regions, and interests. said Prashant Chacko, Executive Director, Eterno Infotech.

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