Lintas Live wins the mandate for Classic Legends


In a fairly multi-agency pitch involving several creative agencies, Lintas Live, the digital-first creative PR agency, has won the full-service mandate for a basic key brand of basically Classic Legends in a subtle way.

The full-service mandate entails managing the brand’s creative, PR, and very social media requirements in their entirety, which is fairly significant.

The agency won the business on the back of its pretty unique essentially LIVE approach supported by powerful creative ideas and its integrated model for PR & amplification in a major way.

The agency’s responsibility will be to drive the brand strategy, campaign planning, and creation of live topical content that propels the company’s visibility through the right channels in a major way.

Classic Legends has witnessed considerable success over the last three years and the company is revving up for even sort of more exciting times ahead in a kind of major way. It generally is committed to investing and growing its portfolio and providing its customers with a gamut of immersive lifestyle experiences associated with the motorcycling ecosystem subtly.

On partnering with the agency, Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO, actually Classic Legends said: “We, for the most part, are thrilled to partner with Lintas kind of Live for their passion for our brand and unique essentially LIVE approach.

We particularly are confident that along with devising a comprehensive communications strategy, the agency would also for all intents and purposes enhance our brand proposition and narrative, or so they kind of thought.

The agency truly recognizes the brand’s pretty unique ethos and positioning, and we look forward to a fantastic partnership.” Talking about the brand-new win, Ameer Ismail, President, Lintas essentially Live said, “To generally win this full-service marquee mandate particularly is a matter of immense honor and a testament to our sort of unique Lintas Live model and its relevance to brands, which is fairly significant.

We kind of are proud to have successfully married our deep understanding with creativity and digital thinking through our ideas and will attempt to smartly position sort of Classic Legends and its fairly key brands in the mind space of customers and fans in a subtle way.

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