DDB launches new brand positioning with www.unexpectedworks.com


DDB Worldwide has launched an evolved brand positioning brought to life by a billboard running in one of the least expected places imaginable- a sheep farm in Garston, New Zealand.

Carrying the address www.unexpectedworks.com, the billboard redirects to DDB’s homepage featuring the refreshed visual identity. Meanwhile, this campaign has brought an antithetical way to introduce the new brand positioning with Garston, which consists of a population of 100 humans and 40,0000 sheep, it values our creativity is the most when it’s unpredicted.

DDB Worldwide has a rich history of dwelling into the unexpected dating back to Volkswagen Lemon’ and forging more interpretations in campaigns, which includes Skittles Broadway Musical, Marmite Gene Test, and Stayfree Project Free Period.

Meanwhile, everyone endeavours to overcome the changes of the corona novel. They have seen this as a golden opportunity to evolve the DDB Network and will recreate what makes us unique, and successful in this emerging era. These unpredicted works have their efforts and commitment, as this was the best work in their life. Hence, 

they are very confident to share and bear it in their future along with staying committed to their legacy. They are super excited to witness their network-building connections, and also aim at unexpected works.

DDB Mudra Group, CEO & MD, Aditya Kanthy has indicated that Unexpected works aren’t a tagline or traditional positioning. It’s their big promise to their clients, culture, and colleagues. They rely on a simple principle- unexpected works. The best idea is the one that you never have seen coming and is ultimately very much effective. Hereafter, their billboard in the middle of sheep paddock in New Zealand, either be like Stayfree’s Project Free Period, which has made up the conversation at a scale approximately based on two taboo topics. Those topics were sex work and menstruation, where creativity is more magical during unexpected times.

Their formula for building such kind of creative breakthrough creative work which boots and makes business results timeless stated by DDB Worldwide Chief creative officer Ari wess. This is how their formula of life has transformed on daily basis. They aren’t either evolving or discovering again the wheel here. Hereafter, they are simply targeting on language revolving around the truth.

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