CoinDCX’s digital campaign #BitcoinLiyaKya gains huge traction


The largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange in India, CoinDCX rolled out its new digital campaign #BitcoinLiyaKya on all major social media platforms to attract new users on board. The #BitcoinLiyaKya campaign is currently live and very much trending on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter handles.

CoinDCX is considered one of the safest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India that allows users to easily buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. CoinDCX provides its customers a user-friendly experience where they can access various financial services and products that are backed by insurance protection and industry security processes. It is an ISO-certified company that gives its users high liquidity and a fast onboarding process in the industry. DCX aims to create a revolution with its crypto-based products by creating borderless financial services that ensure a simple, fast, and uninterrupted flow of capital.

The #BitcoinLiyaKya campaign gives a distinct focus on incentivizing the new users of CoinDCX with free bitcoin worth Rs 100 through a special voucher code ‘CoinDCX Go’. The campaign also features an offer where a few lucky users get a chance to win a portfolio of 1 bitcoin. The digital campaign uses a humorous approach to introduce cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a must-have investment for Indian Investors. The campaign is not just to attract the attention of the millennials and Gen Z, who have taken a major linking into the crypto space, but also the boomer generation who may consider venturing into the relatively new asset space.

The head of brand and communication, CoinDCX, Mr. Ramalingam Subramanian, while speaking on the purpose of the campaign commented that “with the new digital campaign #BitcoinLiyaKya, CoinDCX tries to attract the attention of viewers to consider cryptocurrency as an investment asset”. He said that CoinDCX aims to make Indians consider investing their portfolio in cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and that the tech-savvy millennials would benefit the most by investing in cryptocurrency.

CoinDCX, since its inception, has always strived to make crypto-assets like Bitcoin, a safe and secure investment for its users. The CoinDCX Go app was launched to accomplish this task and it allows users to create a pre-loaded portfolio in a simple and hassle-free manner.

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