Domestic tourism increased in the post-covid months


Travel has increased significantly in recent months as restrictions have been lifted and more people are willing to visit new and old destinations. Glance, one of the largest lock screen content platforms in India and Southeast Asia, deciphered these changing travel patterns and emerging consumer behavior and examined the travel landscape in 2021-22 and the different preferences of its users.

The ‘Glance Spotlight on Travel 2021’ documented the rising customer sentiment and boom trajectory of the tour enterprise of 2022. Over four hundred Indian cellular customers have been surveyed on InMobi Pulse, which is a cellular customer intelligence platform. The effects had been centered at and weighed in a manner that changed into a consultant of India’s cellphone population. The survey changed into and was carried out on October 15 and 21, 2021.

According to the report, 50% of respondents are currently planning a trip. While domestic travel was a priority after the pandemic, one of the results showed that India continues to favor domestic travel destinations over overseas.

Some other findings from the survey are: 

  • Younger target groups are most willing to travel, 56% of the 1830-year-olds are actively planning trips Trip to at least one destination.
  • The most popular form of vacation is a family vacation. They outperform traveling alone or traveling with friends by 37%.
  • A shorter duration of trips is the norm, 54% of respondents say their planned trips are less than a week.
  • Beaches are also observed to be 22 years old.
  • Most preferred% of respondents planning to travel to coastal destinations
  • Flights are the most popular for transportation as 48% of respondents said they would prefer them to other modes of transportation.

In terms of accommodation, 44% of respondents preferred luxury accommodation. However, the preference for host families with unique experiences has increased by 32%. Most users look for lucrative travel packages, especially if they include flights and accommodation. The survey results confirmed the surge in pre-trip purchases.

The survey also found that 49% of respondents postponed their travel plans for the upcoming 2022, making it the most convenient time for the travel industry

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