Action to Avoid IoT security disaster: Expert View


Now is the perfect time to get to know IoT more, about its errors and flaws as much as the advantages before it gulps us in its misery of security issues!!!

In this modern age where IoT is being extensively used and it is expected to have about 24.1 billion IoT devices by the year 2030 the million dollar question is, is it safe??? People of the present technological era have many smart technologies in their hands like smart speakers or wearable gadgets making their experience more magical than ever before and convenient as well. But with the extensive use comes the problems associated with a huge chunk of data shared between these devices. It makes it easier for the hackers to hack into the systems and install bug into their haven space. The previous security measures that were used in protecting customers aren’t much effective now.

While everyone wants everything to be made much simpler and easier, the security issues of IoT is being overlooked and that needs to be investigated seriously. Overlooking these security problems could end up in serious matter like with what happened with the Canadian smart lock company, Tapplock. When it was supposed to be an unbreakable lock but had many security vulnerabilities including ways to access the user’s accounts and bypass the authentication. This arose a question if the retailers and partners could be held liable for the mishap or not?! The retailers may not know every single detail about their supply chain but this wouldn’t help them from the FTC visit when something happens.

Now would be the time for all manufacturers of IoT to take the necessary action for increasing the delivery value;

  • Security notification: It’s important that the manufacturers to secure their technology from unauthorized access but they may not always put up with the full process, which gives even more reasons for the retailers to make sure that they get security updates.
  • Vulnerability disclosure: IoT’s security problems sounded alarmed in the FTC in recent years and one of their measure to give security is the vulnerability program.
  • Collaborating with industry-led organizations: The security level/standard needs has been taken into importance by many companies. Many companies are joining forces for this cause. Making it more trustworthy and safer.


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