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Accenture Acquires Byte Prophecy to improve speed and celerity in delivering advanced analytics to businessmen to make things efficient. Isn’t this what all businessmen would need!!!??

In this world where everything and everyone is moving towards technology and digital in the new era, Accenture has acquired Byte Prophecy, which is an enterprise analytic tool/platform company that would help in decision making in business in companies. This acquisition would mean adding in nearly 50 data engineering and data science experts, who’d focus mainly on the insight automation to the AI of Accenture. This will for sure make the pre-existing consulting technological capabilities even more sophisticated and advanced to help the users to make proper required decisions.

Nowadays, decision-making has become more complex than it once was, thus making businesses rely on advanced analytics and AI to make sure the decisions are being taken insight and data-based, accurately and flawlessly. Byte prophecy being a client-centric innovation culture helps guiding businessmen to take the apt decisions when required. “Our team has already been working with Byte Prophecy over the past two years, and together we’ve helped clients build the strong data foundations that are the cornerstone for successful AI adoption,” says the source from Accenture. Byte prophecy which was founded in 2011 has started working deeply with Accenture ventures since 2018, bringing out the best of it by fine-tuning solutions and pinpointing the client’s pain and problems.

The company’s acquisition strategy involves delivering the existing needs of the customers as well as new ones popping up now and then. Sources say that the company has made AI acquisitions in countries like Australia, North America, Spain, and in UK to improvise its technology.

Other than decision-making, Byte Prophecy provides many uses and they are ;

Industry application

  • Product Planning: Optimization of the production schedule to maximize the utilization of machine and to mainly reduce batch times.
  • Stock Analytics: Inventory, lead time, demand variability, and margin-based dispatch which is data-driven.
  • GPS Trip Analysis: Based on the historical trip analysis minimizing the cost, idle time etc.
  • Data-Driven Workforce: making the decisions and driven fully on data.
  • Sales and Margin Analytics: This will help businessmen understand the market dynamics in many geographies with a what-if capability linking the sales margin and the pricing of the competitors.
  • Automated Dispatch Planning: To ensure service level compliance it could be used.
  • Dental Imaging using AI: Dental X-rays could be taken with high accuracy.
  • Orders management: To improve service quality by using delay alerting and vendor follow-ups.

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