After pandemic, we require additional simplicity of executing business: NITI Aayog


The National Institution for Transforming India  (NITI Aayog), CEO Amitabh Kant says to a question about proposed reforms after the pandemic that, understandably, a business will not run normally after the pandemic and they want to bring reforms as much as they can, after COVID-19.

The NITI Aayog is a public policy think tank of the Government of India for achieving the sustainable development goals with cooperative federalism by fostering the involvement of State Governments of India. The main objectives are a shared vision of national development priorities, sectors with the active participation of States, foster cooperative federalism, to expand mechanisms to make credible plans at the village level and higher levels of government.

While speaking to the reporters in a  question about proposed reforms after the Covid-19, Kant said, “It is very clear that business will not continue as usual after the pandemic and we are required to bring reforms as much as we can, after COVID. And talking about Aurangabad and its places, he pointed out that this area of central Maharashtra must require a regional master plan for development with consideration for possible growth in the next 25 years

 It will not be business as usual after the COVID-19 pandemic and it requires the need to conduct more “simplicity” in the ease of implementing business by doing away with the ongoing maze of rules which is said by NITI Aayog CEO. He was talking to reporters after visiting the Aurangabad Industrial City and Marathwada Auto Cluster at Waluj.

 They have prepared lots of rules, regulations and procedures. They require the need to bring more simplicity to ease of doing business by removing them, he added. The country also wants to “grow the technology and leapfrog through it”, Kant said, attaching that the Union government is functioning in this direction.

 Speaking about Aurangabad and the surrounding areas, he said this part of Central Maharashtra wants a regional master plan for the development with consideration for feasible growth in the next 25 years. And he says that this place is possible and can come up as one of the fastest-growing regions in the country from the tourism and industry point of view.


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