AgNext’s AI And Analytics Are The Next-Gen Solution For Agribusiness


AgNext, the fast-growing venture-funded business is a great example of India-first innovation in precision agriculture.  AgNext’s have a cost-effective technology that contributes to savings in agribusinesses and associated farmers at pre and post-harvest stages by improving quality and traceability over the Agri value chain.

AgNext solves problems for the agriculture sector, which is one of the largest sectors ever known using next-generation technologies. AgNext operates on the intersection of analytics, hardware, and software for quality evaluation in agriculture and food trade. They enhance operational efficiencies by contributing solutions based on advanced technologies like spectral, Spacial and temporal. AgNext aids in meeting the current food and agricultural demands supporting the resources for the future.

AgNext is an agricultural sensing solutions startup that gathers spatial, spectral and temporal data across the agricultural and food value chain. They assist farmers and food processors to increase their productivity, quality and profitability. AgNext has developed an integrated digital platform through which farmers and downstream players including commodity traders, food processors and aggregators for improving their build traceability, quality and link payments seamlessly.

AgNext’s artificial intelligence-based Spectral Analytics a portable, easy to use Bluetooth-enabled spectroscope that aids spectral analysis of various Agri-commodities during procurement. The devices work with AgNext’s mobile app at the first touchpoint of the farmers and procurement centers. It provides an instant chemical quality assessment of each incoming lot, quality derived prices for each farmer, farmer-wise data for quality of produce and regional quality maps for each commodity.

Their AI-Based Image Analytics is an on-premise embedded solution for instantaneous physical quality assessment of Agri-commodities by using a camera. The AI-Based Image Analytics uses AI-driven image processing algorithms to analyze each entity in a given sample to determine the proportion of defective or damaged entities in the lot. It ensures 99% accuracy by beating traditional naked eye assessment solutions as well as an increase in transparency due to removal of subjectivity in the assessment.

Their AI-Based Sensor Analytics is a portable, compact and wireless sensor solution that improves visibility on quality-defining processes across industries.  It uses advanced sensor technologies powered with wireless communications that contribute visibility across various processes involved in processing and manufacturing across industries.


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