AI in Advertising and Marketing: A $48.8 billion Opportunity


During Diwali last year, Cadbury launched a unique campaign called ‘Not Just A Cadbury Ad,’ which allowed local store owners in India to promote their businesses for free. The campaign made use of artificial intelligence (AI), which allowed shop owners to create their different fillings by recreating Shah Rukh Khan’s face and voice to promote their business. The plan was to assist the pandemic-ravaged local shop owners. Previously, the chocolate company used Hrithik Roshan in an AI-assisted campaign that delivered personalized voice messaging.

To what extent will advertisers and marketers take advantage of this technology in their marketing and advertising campaigns? Will we see the widespread use of tools like AI and machine learning in marketing campaigns in the future? Adgully consulted subject matter experts to learn more about this and other topics.

Experts agree that artificial intelligence (AI) can be a valuable tool for marketers.

According to Ernest Lupinacci, Brand Strategist at Atlas Earth, both Dairy milk videos are excellent examples of how AI technology can be used to create branded content, mainly because the technology was not the concept; it was simply the best way to execute the idea.

According to Madhusmita Panda, Chief Marketing Officer at KredX, artificial intelligence is known to drive enormous change, particularly in the marketing domain, when compared to other areas of business operations. According to her, most ad formats haven’t changed in years, and many researchers predict that consumers are skeptical of advertising, which leads to underperforming campaigns and lower ad spending. She adds, however, that with the advancement of new-age technologies, synthetic ads provide an opportunity to create new forms of advertising, and some businesses are already experimenting with this new form of advertising.

“Rather than creating an expensive video for each campaign, advertisers can use technology to create their content and personalize it with synthetic additions or elements.” This allows for cost-cutting for additional resources and multiple locations, saving time and money. These advertisements represent the already-present future. With so much content available, many businesses are struggling to find new ways to attract attention. And the solution is hyper-personalization and innovative technologies that place the consumer at the center of campaigns. AI and machine learning can help to spruce up advertising by bringing new ad formats to life and democratizing ad creation.

AI in advertising assists businesses in categorizing their audience and targeting ads based on preferences based on various demographic and behavioral data points. Consumers can have two-way contextual conversations within the advertisement and create interactivity, resulting in a better experience, from conversational display banner ads to conversational landing pages. They also don’t have to switch apps, which helps to reduce drop-offs. Businesses can use AI to take offline buyers to an online catalog using QR code scans, providing a seamless experience and increasing engagement and brand awareness,” she adds.

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  1. AI is definitely a powerful tool for marketing, but also sales campaigns. It can automate data input efforts, help with lead scoring, deliver forecasts, and even recommend actions. Definitely a technology with a lot of potential in business.


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