AI to Revolutionize the Recruitment Process


In a presentation at the 2017 SourceCon event, Summer Husband, Senior Director of Data Science at Randstad Sourceright, noted that AI and machine learning allow professionals to analyse massive volumes of data and make decisions based on that data.

The Pandemic has changed how a company runs. Previously, the HR department of a company had to filter through hundreds of applications to discover the best candidate for the job. Companies have decided to use AI (artificial intelligence) to establish a new recruitment technique as technology has advanced, particularly during the current epidemic. In the field of recruitment, AI is without a doubt a game-changer.

While we’re all working in a different area, it’s vital to plan out how to manage and build a highly productive team electronically. Recruiters will always want to find outstanding talent faster, and AI will make it easy for them to do so.

According to surveys, 60 per cent of CEOs are concerned about finding the proper people for their firm, but they are now embracing automated hiring solutions to increase the quality of their hires. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, a worldwide FMCG company has created a digital recruitment campaign that will screen onboarding prospects.

This method assisted recruiters in evaluating individuals on the basis of aptitude, capacity to manage uncertainty, innovation potential, and ability to produce outcomes, among other factors.

The AI algorithms aided the recruitment staff in sifting through candidates who met the requirements and weeding out the remainder, making the recruitment process as painless as possible even in the thick of the pandemic.

What Are the Advantages of AI?

Organizations are also using AI-based digital hiring solutions in this tech-savvy era. Through automatically aligned interview methods, they may quickly assess and determine the genuine match for their firm.

These tools will be built in such a way that they will go through the applications and save the recruiters’ time and energy during the hiring process. AI-based digital hiring solutions will assist businesses in speeding up the hiring process, improving candidate performance, and so on.


Organizations are aiming to use AI-based digital hiring solutions, especially after the pandemic, such as:

AI-based digital hiring solutions can help a company acquire candidates more rapidly by automating time-consuming procedures. Even in the midst of a pandemic, firms can reach out to candidates and answer all of their questions in a matter of seconds, as well as submit job applications and schedule interviews.

Companies can employ artificial intelligence to find their ideal candidate amid a big pool of applicants. They are not obligated to look at a huge quantity of applications. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions are designed to analyse candidate profiles automatically, allowing the company to find the best candidate without the need for human participation.

 AI-assisted recruitment is completely neutral.

AI provides ongoing support throughout the application process and the scheduling of interviews. As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) has successfully revolutionised the recruitment industry.

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