Aks Clothing ropes in Neha Dhupia as a Brand Ambassador


Aks clothings.com is happy to have Neha Dhupia as their brand ambassador for the introduction of their current collection of flexible and sophisticated maternity-cum-nursing wear. Neha, who has always been a strong advocate for women’s rights, has always believed that every woman is unique and deserves to feel at ease in her own skin. Neha and Aks want to run campaigns on all of their social and digital channels because they are such active advocates for women’s rights.

Aks created the campaign with the goal of becoming a one-stop fashion destination for all expecting mothers and assisting them in dressing their baby belly in style. The fashion business wants to “make every mother experience parenthood with style and comfort” through this campaign, and it intends to achieve so through active participation and contact with stakeholders.

Neha’s distinct and dynamic image of femininity resonates strongly with Aks’ brand ideology and the recently announced varied collection of maternity-cum-nursing compatible clothing. Aks’ edgy and elusive collection includes incredibly breathable kaftans, finely woven dresses, and incredibly sassy indo-western designs. The promotion hopes to make both pre and post-pregnancy days glamorous and pleasant for all women by providing the right clothing to showcase their baby belly with a modern and fashionable maternity-cum-nursing wear line. To keep the dresses light and breathable, the precisely curated designs of this particular line have been constructed out of authentic fabric such as cotton, flex cotton, cotton slub, and rayon.

Neha Dhupia has left no stone untouched in claiming ownership of every role she has played. She has appropriately carried on the same spirit in her real life as well, playing the role of a mother. “Motherhood is all about beaming and feeling comfortable and positive,” Neha says about the advertisement. Motherhood is a lovely experience that demands extra attention and comfort. This is why Aks offers all expectant mothers a unique collection of costumes made from 100% genuine, ultra-soft, and ultra-elegant fabric to make attractive and breathable gowns.

When discussing this campaign and collaboration, Nidhi Yadav, the founder of Aks and a significant proponent of feminism, states, “Neha Dhupia’s efforts for the Freedom to Feed cause are praiseworthy.” The movement promotes breastfeeding and a mother’s right to nurse her baby whenever and wherever she wants. The need for Neha Dhupia to be the face of this campaign stems from the convergence of Neha and Aks’ visions.

Aks intends to provide an experience for all women who want to maintain their fashion sensibilities while they embark on a new journey of introducing their young babies into this world with the debut of the fresh new maternity-cum-nursing wear collection.”

Aks’ campaigns and designs strive to provide a varied spectrum of fashion that is appealing, inexpensive, and accessible to all of society’s diverse personalities and roles. Aks aspires to arouse each person’s fashion sensibilities while also providing the contentment that they seek when they are most at ease in their own skins.

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