Instagram’s latest campaign showcases the power of self-discovery


Instagram, the worlds leading social media network, has come up with a new and impactful global campaign. The campaign brings out the true meaning of being on the social media app.

It has been a little over 11 years that Instagram has been an active or in very few cases a passive part of most people who owns a smartphone. With Instagram, we have been able to update and locate the world about our lives. Our friends and family share a glimpse of their lives too.

Any major event that comes up in our life, we almost always update it with our loved ones or the world. Be it weddings, engagement, pregnancy, gender reveal, house warming, anniversary, parties, date night, etc, we always know our loved ones who aren’t physically around us through Instagram.

Instagram’s latest campaign ‘Yours to make’ is a beautiful global brand campaign by Instagram which seeks to promote and to bring out the best among the youth who use Instagram. Over the years We have seen many who are referred to by the term ‘social media star’ or ‘social media influencer’. These are terms that refer to those people who have gained social media attention to those who have displayed their unique talents, passions on Instagram.

In quite a few cases we also see people getting attention for just being themselves on camera. This means to be their true selves and make it big by doing what makes them, them. Blogging, making content relevant to their lives, makeup artists, fashion, video creators, dancers, singers, and more. Some of the social media stars who made it big globally include Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Logan Paul, and more.

In India, the ones who have been gaining recognition are Nagma Nasser, Komal Pandey, Prajakta Koli, and more. Instagram is allowing us to take this opportunity and discover ourselves with the help of this campaign. Created by Johannes Leonardo alongside

Facebook’s in-house shop Creative X campaign includes a 95-second film that features various characters exploring an expansive dark space that seems to represent the Instagram universe, taking in both the various features of the app and the array of content within.

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