29% increase in employment: QES report


The Quarterly Employment Survey report is released. The report is prepared by the Labour Bureau based on the survey during April-June 2021. Minister for Labour and Employment Bhupender Yadav published the report on Monday.

Generation of employment is a key factor not only in the economic growth of India but also in the distribution of its wealth.

The QES survey intends to provide a little idea about gainful employment in different sectors of the economy. Nine sectors are selected for this short-term based survey, viz. Manufacturing, Construction, Trade, Transport, Education, Health, Accommodation and Restaurants, IT/BPOs and Financial Services.

 As per the sixth Economic Census (2013-2014), the number of workers in this sector was 2 crores and 37 lakhs. Now it is 3 crores and 8 lakhs approximately. There is a growth of 29%.

41% of the employment is in Manufacturing, 22% of it is in Education and, 8% of them are engaged in Health. 7% are engaged in Trade or IT.

The IT/BPO sector records the most magnificent growth of 152%. There is a 77% growth rate in Health, 48% in Financial Services, 39% in Education, 22% in Manufacturing, 68% in Transport and 42% in Construction.

Howbeit, employment in Trade and Accommodation and Restaurants came down by 25% and 13% respectively.

The overall percentage of the female workers also shows a slight decline.

The report happily mentions that 18% of the establishments provide formal skill development programmes for their employees. This is something that is usually ignored but is very important.

Another golden point is that 81% of these workers received full payment during the first lockdown and only 3% were denied any wages.

The Health Sector and the Financial Services sector were operational during the nationwide lockdown. Accommodation and Restaurants and, Trade faced the biggest blow because of COVID-19.

The employment in Education and Finance and Services were largely unaffected as things shifted to online from offline. But Manufacturing, Construction and Accommodation and Restaurants reported diminishing in employment.

The first round of QES is a satisfactory step. Having authentic data drafted through shreds of evidence and statistics will guide the government organizations, NGOs, policymakers and other stakeholders.

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