Akshay Kumar is a prime celeb endorser in H1 2022


Celebrity endorsements are prevailing in Bharat for a long time; There’s an Associate in Nursing increasing challenge for brands to capture people’s time and focus. In line with tam-o’-shanter AdEx’s ‘Celebrity Endorsement Report H1 2022, marketers believe that complete ambassadors offer a better degree of shopper recall. This is often supported by straightforward logic as Bharat may be a country where folks area unit star-struck by moving picture Stars, Sports Personalities, TV Actors, and Actresses.

People adore them so once the area unit is seen in an ad promoting a product, it helps in building a higher complete image, making a distinctive identity, and successively increasing product usage.

The main aspects of this report area unit Most Visible Celebrity through Endorsement, Quantum of Sector, classes and makes supported, quantitative relation of Ads with/without Celebrity endorsement, Monthly and Yearly Celebrity Endorsement trend, advertising theme charm differ by Age and Gender, etc.

Compare to Jan-Jun’20, celebrity endorsement seen in Jan-Jun’21 and Jan-Jun’22 recorded a growth of sixty-fifth and 100 percent share severally. Celebrity endorsement ads exaggerated considerably in Mar-May’22, with March 2022 having the best celebrity ad volumes share.

The food & Beverages sector saw the best share of celeb-supported ads at twenty-eighth, followed by the Services sector with thirteen shares. Over five-hundredths of the ads supported by celebrities constitute the highest three sectors and over 3/4th of the ads constitute the highest seven sectors. The banking/ Finance/ Investment sector entered the prime ten lists, whereas seven out of the prime ten sectors have a similar rank position for Jan-Jun’22 over Jan-Jun’21.

The Top ten classes accounted for twelve months’ share of celebrity ad volumes, whereas ‘Toilet/Floor Cleaners’ was the highest class with a Sep 11 share of celebrity ad volumes in Jan-Jun’22.  ‘Ecom-Gaming’ was the highest class that most celebrities from completely different professions supported brands under that, celebrities were principally seen within the ‘E-Com’ sector.

‘Akshay Kumar’ was the most visible star, with mean visibility of thirty-seven hours per day across all channels, followed by Amitabh Bachchan with eighteen hours per day through TV sponsorships. There have been a variety of male and feminine celebrities within the prime ten list.

In Jan-Jun’22, eight of the highest ten celebrities, together with ‘Akshay Kumar’, ‘Amitabh Bachchan’, ‘Alia Bhatt’, ‘Vidya Balan’, ‘Shahrukh Khan’, ‘Taapsee Pannu’, ‘Ranveer Singh’, and ‘Kareena Kapoor’, sponsored a lot of companies than in Jan-Jun’21. MS Dhoni supported the most variety of brands in Jan-Jun’22 and had conjointly lidded Jan-Jun’21.

More than five hundredth ads were supported by prime 3 celebrity couples – ‘Akshay Kumar/ Twinkle Khanna’, ‘Amitabh Bachchan/ Jaya Bachchan’ and ‘Ranbir Kapoor/ Alia Bhatt’ and therefore the prime two couples had supported similar thirty-seven and twenty-nine brands, severally, throughout Jan-Jun’22.

Young feminine Celebrities were most well-liked over their male counterparts, but the state of affairs changes once it involves celebrities within the 35+ cohort.

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