From grooming to guiding – however Philips is inspiring youth


The increasing use and exposure to social media has diode children and millennials alike to face loads of pressure to suit in per social group standards. this can be moving their entire well-being. The concern of continually being judged has a sway on one’s performance and life. to focus on the very fact that solely score that matters is that the one you offer yourself, Philips Bharat has launched their ‘#TenOnTenYou’ campaign with Virat Kohli, Philips’ male grooming whole ambassador. The campaign focuses on the constant battle of being judged by society and the way today’s millennials may be helped to form their true selves to the simplest of their ability. The campaign debuted in conjunction with Philips’ unveiling of the BT3000 series, an individualized expertise innovation resolution.

The Philips ad film follows Virat Kohli on a journey – from the arena to his home, portrayal every day in his life. the aim of this film is to point out however folks around him area unit frequently decision making him, that is incontestable through the employment of many scorecards. you’re beneath constant police investigation, whether or not you’re on the sector, winning a national competition, at home, or just driving up to a location. The film conjointly highlights Philips BT3000’s revolutionary Power Adapt detector product giving, that shows that in spite of what happens in life, there’s perpetually how to adapt.

What is the concept behind the most recent campaign – #TenOnTenYou?

When we have a tendency to work on any class – during this case men’s grooming – we enter the main points of client desires and unmet desires, and #TenOnTenYou could be a thought that truly came out of the requirements of the customers or during a method what customers of these days – the kids, the teenagers, the long run Indian businessmen, aspirants – would feel these days. the kids feel they’re being judged in one or the opposite side of their life, whether or not it’s their studies wherever they feel judged by their peers, whether or not it’s the method they dress. In fact, the judgement is at associate degree all time high and due to the method social media is these days. typically, these children area unit swing themselves even out there, whether or not it’s to urge those likes, or whether or not to urge a reaction from their friends and their family. however, they find yourself obtaining judged and that’s the truth of life these days.

This generation these days has that pressure, that fortuitously we have a tendency to didn’t ought to undergo. however typically people crumble under its pressure, particularly once they within the young stage. The pressure causes you or breaks you. I feel this can be wherever #TenOnTenYou comes from. it’s a lot of  empowering customers with the proper solutions and technology that allows them to choose what’s the proper issue for them, in order  they feel assured to face the planet. That’s the complete plan behind #TenOnTenYou.

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