Criteo welcomes French Competition Authority decision


Criteo is a worldwide commerce media company that helps brands and media owners achieve better business results. The French Antitrust Authority’s favorable decision to accept undertakings given by Meta (formerly Facebook) to address the authority’s competition complaint relating to Meta’s termination of its ad-buying arrangement with Criteo has been welcomed by Criteo, the commerce media business. Criteo will be reinstated as an authorized partner as part of the accepted pledges, restoring the company’s ad-buying privileges on Facebook and now Instagram. Criteo filed a complaint in September of this year, which led to today’s news. 

“We are very delighted with the French Competition Authority‘s decision to accept Meta’s undertakings today. Positive outcomes like this can ensure that major platforms like Meta collaborate with partners and the ecosystem in an open and fair manner, without favoring one partner over another. We appreciate the French Competition Authority’s ongoing efforts and competence in this issue and our industry. We look forward to partnering with Meta again to buy ad inventory on their platforms on behalf of our clients using our data and leading ad-buying optimization technologies, and we look forward to partnering with Meta to buy ad inventory on their platforms on behalf of our clients using our data and leading ad-buying optimization technologies “Criteo’s Chief Legal Officer, Ryan Damon, commented. 

The original complaint’s goal was to restore a level playing field for the industry by restoring Criteo’s and other companies’ access to Meta’s Facebook platform on fair terms and establishing clear and transparent guidelines to prevent the platform from favoring its services on its platform at the expense of competitors. 

Meta has consented to a variety of agreements that apply to Criteo and any other similarly injured enterprises in France, according to the French Competition Authority’s press statement, which is available here:  

1.    Restore Criteo’s partner status and Meta’s badge.  

2.    Re-offer the same bidding API to Criteo, allowing the firm to use its buying optimization algorithms and analytics to buy ad inventory for Criteo’s advertiser clients across numerous Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.  

3.    You can use this bidding API to launch global ad campaigns on the platform.  

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