Netizens praise Made in India product Glance


It’s an uncommon occurrence to see a made-in-India consumer technology platform innovate to become a global category originator. Glance, a made-in-India lock screen platform, recently sent tech enthusiasts, influencers, and customers throughout the country into a frenzy when they learned that it had done just that! 

Glance is a consumer internet firm that has established digital platforms that are highly disruptive. It revolutionized the way people use the internet in 2019 by bringing it to the lock screen of smartphones, eliminating the need to hunt for and download apps. It was the first to grasp the lock screen’s potential and turn it into an intelligent ‘surface’ for premium content and deep, meaningful user involvement in areas such as gaming, entertainment, and shopping. Glance made the lock screen LIVE in 2021, and the Glance experience was extended to other surfaces like as smart TVs. 

On June 6, 2022, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple stated that as part of its iOS 16 rollout, it will upgrade to a “Glanceable” lock screen. This will be a utility-first interface with a wallpaper collection, widget gallery, and a ‘LIVE Activities’ notification feature.  

Soon after, on June 16, 2022, Naveen Tewari, the Founder, and CEO of the InMobi Group, turned to Twitter to welcome Apple to the lock screen club, explain Glance’s experience over the last three years, and discuss how it pioneered lock screen content around the world. 

Thousands of netizens came to applaud this Indian innovation on social media as a result of this. On Twitter, the hashtags #GlanceMakingIndiaProud and #GlanceDidItFirst began trending as people reported their experiences with Glance’s lock screen technology, which includes interactive live content and features. Both #GlanceMakingIndiaProud and #GlanceDidItFirst trended at no. 2 on Twitter with over 3,500 tweets in less than 12 hours. Users, influencers, government officials, and the start-up ecosystem were among those who expressed their delight at seeing global giants take inspiration from Indian entrepreneurs, praising Glance as the lock screen pioneer. 

Glance’s concept of the lock screen has been sponsored by some of the largest names in venture capital, technology, telecom, and smartphone manufacturers, and is now available on over 400 million handsets across Asia. Mithril Capital, Google, and Jio Platforms have backed it financially and strategically, and it has extensive integration on the lock screens of most key Android OEMs.  

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