Almost 79% of Indians prefer bundling of streaming services: Amdocs


Amdocs, a software and services provider to communications, and media issued the conclusions of its newest Streamer 2021 report, which viewed 1,000 consumers in India about their streaming and subscription services choices. The data showed the respondent’s preference towards mega bundles include content and communications services.

Based on the report, 76 percent of all survived consumers were able to add their current subscriptions to video streaming platforms and wellness and e-learning services in order of their preferences. Consumers have searched the wide collection of content and services available to them. 

Also, users are showing a high range of attention in mega bundles that combine content and communication services. The next generation will allow consumers to control key aspects such as subscription management, with the user setting being controlled centrally for an added level of piracy. Just 79 percent of respondents would be interested in a bundle of video streaming, entertainment, and communication services, multiple video streaming services, about 73 percent, and 72 percent of video streaming and communication services. 

The quality of the content is the major loyalty which is about 73 percent and even attractive prices about 45 percent.  

And, customers will pay for the limited content package that they are interested in and pay more for access to the provider’s entire library. Consumers can pick the content they are likely to access, video streaming services about 69 percent, cable 67 percent, music streaming services about 61 percent, and gaming 55 percent. 

Change in consumption habits: On-demand consumption habits are set to change compared to the last 12 months. Over 69% of consumers expect the overall time they spend on. This is to increase in the next six months from the current average of 14 hours per week.

The pandemic has begun to expand the consumption of media and entertainment services. Availability of multiple streaming benefits under one roof has resonated well with the satisfaction levels of consumers. As we know that customer is the leader, this is an appealing opportunity for service providers to give customers the option to bundle their services where they can access all media and entertainment subscriptions in one area. Moreover, our research states that consumers prefer the quality of content overpricing. 

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