Amazon launches Halo fitness band


Amazon launched new health and wellbeing service, Amazon Halo. Also, the service was combined with the introduction of an Amazon Halo Band. The Amazon Halo Band uses several sensors to provide the required information for operating AI-powered Halo insights.

Presently, Amazon Halo is only accessible for the U.S consumers and the customer needs to request early for the access. The Amazon Halo Band and 6 months of Halo membership will be available at the price tag of $64.99 (Rs.8400).

Halo Band

The Halo band doesn’t have a screen as compared to smartwatches and fitness trackers. The band is an integrated capsule with a tiny sensor. Among other features, the system contains an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light and a button to turn on or off the microphones. Amazon Halo Band comes with a water-resistant feature.

 Amazon says the battery backup of the band will last up to seven days and will completely charge in less than 90 minutes. At the time of purchase, customers can choose from three fabric band colours with fabric and silicone sports accessories are available in 15 additional colours

Halo app

The app features five core functions: Activity, Sleep, Body, Tone and Labs

Activity: The points that gained based on the activity speed and length not just based on the number of steps taken. For example, if the customer is walking the customer can win points, but if the customer is running more points can earn.

Sleep: Amazon Halo uses movement, heart rate and temperature to monitor asleep and wake-up time; time spent in the different phases of sleep including heavy, light and REM; and skin temperature while sleeping. The sensors inside the band allow continual assessment of sleep.

Body: Amazon Halo lets its customers calculate their body fat percentage using machine learning. The company believes that the assessment of body fat is as precise as the tools a doctor would use — and almost twice as precise as the leading smart at-home scales.

Tone: The Tone function will analyze energy and positivity in the voice of a customer by machine learning so that they can better understand how they can sound to others and help strengthen communication and relationships between them.

Labs: Amazon Halo Labs are challenges, tests, and exercises that allow clients to discover exactly what works best for them.

Amazon says privacy is central to Amazon Halo, and the service integrates several layers of privacy and protection. The company says health data are encrypted in transit and the cloud, and consumers can import or uninstall their data directly from the app at any time.


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