Brand Pulse: Flipkart launches an analytics platform


Flipkart recently launched ‘Brand Pulse’ – an analytis platform to help advertisers understand customers’ minds about their value.

Brand Pulse will allow brands to understand their importance to the nature of competition according to the e-commerce marketplace, which in turn will help them build timely and oriented marketing campaigns on Flipkart. The app is user friendly and is focused on actual customer experience with over 250 million consumers, offering weekly insights.

When consumers’ shopping experiences become more nonlinear, marketers need accurate perspectives and awareness of emerging trends to reach their viewers in a meaningful way. Brand Pulse will shed light on which products consumers look at in a segment and how they have changed their view over time. This awareness is focused on different facets of the consumer’s e-commerce experience including quest, banner reaction, page views, etc.

Prakash Sikaria, Vice President – Development and Monetization, Flipkart, said, “In the digital environment we exist in, brands need to consider the user’s experience more profoundly and be strategically present on the channel where the buying decision is made. Through our deep market insight, we believe that by using real-time customer activity to identify their knowledge index, we can add more meaning to the brands present on our platform. We think Brand Pulse would be the best way for a company to realize how they’re doing toward the market, helping them to calculate company health indicators on Flipkart through a different lens.

Brand Pulse is Flipkart’s new analysis platform built to make the e-commerce shopping experience more meaningful for brands and customers alike.

By allowing quick access to this online platform, Flipkart creates an incentive for everyone in the marketing world to assess how products perform in the minds of customers in a specific category. It will also cater to interested customers trying to confirm their mark desires or to find new alternatives. The findings are focused on Flipkart’s high-level anonymized customer experiences, which offer a view of demographics as well. On Flipkart, Brand Pulse would be useful for brands across all product categories, particularly those in highly competitive and emerging segments such as smartphones, consumer electronics, health foods and apparel.


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