Amazon launches new campaign: ‘Jab Kuch Naya ho Lena, Amazon check Kar Lena’


Amazon India unveiled a campaign of the year, ‘Jab Kuch Naya ho Lena, Amazon check Kar Lena‘. The advertisement features a dad-daughter duo, who wants to purchase a washing machine which comes with a warranty, exchange offer, and available in their preferred model and brand.

Its been six months into the Coronavirus pandemic. Consumers are now slowly changing up to the idea of shopping for non-essentials. Still, the fear of stepping out remains as many places were cluster zones and lockdown affected which make them depend on online shopping. 

Times like these, e-commerce platforms like Amazon has come out with a campaign ‘Jab Kuch Naya ho Lena, Amazon check Kar Lena‘. The 30-second film speaks about the added benefits of shopping on Amazon, other than doorstep delivery. The benefits include no-cost EMI, exchange offers, brand warranty, model options, etc.

The film starts with a father, who is been looking for a washing machine for the past two months. He is shown scrolling through various newspaper advertisements and branded pamphlets. In the end, he seems to be in a fix hen it comes to making the final decision. Its because the brand that’s offering him a warranty does not have an exchange offer, and the company that is offering both does not have the preferred model. He is then suggested by his daughter to look for options on Amazon. Website.

The point behind the campaign is to highlight products across categories including mobile phones, consumer electronics, appliances, fashion products among others available at an reasonable price along with Amazon’s quality guarantee.

Earlier this month, Amazon India has released a set of three films targeted at sellers who are not on the platform. The campaign ‘Itna Aasan Hai’ concentrated on how easy it is for the sellers to come on board and sell on the online platform. The latest film by Amazon is currently live across all social media platforms.

As customers, we all have value for our hard-earned money. We all work within a fixed budget and seek quality products within it. Keeping it in mind, Amazon showcases the customer’s need and offers an ample selection of quality products making shopping more affordable, accessible, and within the reach of everyone’s budget.


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