Ogilvy launches a new campaign for ‘Dabur Herbal toothpaste’


Dabur India Ltd has initiated a new campaign for its Dabur Herbal toothpaste in Kerala, for strengthening the brand’s regional connection by utilizing the strong rootedness in tradition especially for the upkeep of health and well-being.

For the first time, the campaign has been shot in Kerala with local actors. The advertisement exhibit a traditional Kerala home, where a family is traditionally celebrating Onam with an elephant, a tradition that holds to bring good luck and fortune.

The actor who is impressed by the strength of the elephant’s tusks realizes that unlike the elephant, humans are blessed with one set of teeth which needs proper care by adding traditional components like Tulsi, Babool, and Akarkara for long-lasting dental care. The backdrop of ‘Onam’ and the friendly cross-talk between two brothers, is what makes this film catchy. Also, the festive period of Onam will help to strengthen the franchise of the brand. The campaign is based upon local cultural perception and shot locally. It will help us to further gain market share in Kerala.

Dabur Herbal has found continuous success in Kerala. Powered by good reviews and strong off-take, it has created for a strong and loyal user base who curse by the paste’s all-around oral benefits. The new campaign is organized to make a big splashing in the toothpaste category giving new energy to the herbal segment and on the way to becoming a force in the market.

During this pandemic, consumers mostly prefer to purchase the products which safeguard their health. This campaign will help to gain more trust in the minds of Malayalis and persuade them to buy this brand. Dabur Herbal Toothpaste’ is the lead Oral Care offering from Dabur in Kerala and has a strong grip among consumers. It is a Fluoride-Free toothpaste with the nutriment of Tulsi, Babool & Akarkara, an ideal paste for the entire family for problem-free and strong healthy teeth. 

Dabur toothpaste is a successful product in Kerala with a wide variety of toothpaste products that boost our tooth health conditions. Dabur Herbal is a new variant of toothpaste introduced by Dabur India Ltd which is now advertising through social media and printed forms. The Herbal toothpaste advertisement in Kerala will gain more customers as the advertisement is associated with Onam festive.


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