Amazon to expand its partnership with Indian Railways


Amazon India partnered with Indian railways back in 2019 to fasten the transportation process. In 2020 Indian railways introduced covid-19 parcel trains for uninterrupted delivery of necessity products, as it ramped up operations to 55 lanes.

Indian Railways supported the transportation activities across Western, Central, Northern, Eastern, South Central, Southern, South Eastern, North East Frontier, North Western, and South Western throughout the pandemic situation.

That service enhanced network enabled the sellers to ship their products and to keep their line of work running, allowing people to access essential products. In the preceding two years Amazon has increased its transportation lanes five-fold with the support of Indian railways.

Presently, The e-company said that it is able to transport packages on more than 110 inter-city routes, ensuring a maximum of two days delivery for its customer, considering optimum utilization of resources available.

Amazon is the most visited shopping site in India, Jeff Bezos the Founder of the company has made the delivery process feasible as it delivers 100% serviceable PIN codes around the country. Amazon India ships customer parcels to cities and towns like Jharsuguda, Ratnagiri, Kurnool, Nanded, Bareilly, Bokaro, and Rudrapur among others.

This is additionally another step toward a long-term partnership allying Amazon India and Indian Railways, whereas development of the rail network to supplement the road and air networks for the transportation of customer packages at greater speed and reliability.

Particularly, this expansion of transportation facility is done to ensure timely delivery of packages during the festive season from October to December. Amazon has already given an insight about the upcoming ‘great freedom festival’ whereby the fest starts on August 6th and is expected to have discounts on laptops, along with new TV launches. 

Venkatesh Tiwari, director of Amazon Transportation, India has pointed out the importance of a fast and convenient shopping experience for the customers and delivery of packages no matter where they live across the country. He also added that the partnership with Indian railways will increase the efficiency and commitment of transportation.

engagement with the Indian Railways will create more opportunities to use the strong network and infrastructure built by them.

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