Among the 24 new categories,96 brands launched in first 13 matches of IPL 14


The Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed many occasions which are immune to my debates and economic crisis. Recently, the world’s biggest cricket league hailed another immunity tag to its brand. Even though this covid 19, the IPL MONEY train endured many challenges during the beginning. However, they could overcome those obstacles without any delay. Indian Premier League had performed well and managed to secure their position in the industry.

“The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) saw around 27 new categories and 96 brands advertising in the first 13 matches are compared to the corresponding matches of the year before, according to the TAM adex report on IPL 14”.

Here, we could see the launch of new categories and was advertising on IPL. They were securities, share broking organization which topped the new categories and then comes fans, hairdryers, refrigerators, and energy drinks. JD Mart has secured the first position among the 96 new brands. Next comes, UPStox and Rajshree Silver Coated Elaichi. Groww and VIVO Series 5G were the other two brands in the top five. Missing categories in the first 13 matches of IPL 14 compared to IPL 13 were two-wheelers, wires and cable, namkeen, com-matrimonials, and toilet /floor cleaners.

TAM adex data alludes to the post-completion of 13 matches. The top ten categories list had 4 categories from the E-commerce sector in IPL 13, whereas, in IPL 14, two E-com categories only presented their 16% share of ad volumes. E com-gaming, smartphones, soft drinks, e com-education, and cars together share 34% of ad volumes in IPL 14. Therefore, the top five advertisers contributed to 20% of the share of ad volumes in the 13 matches of IPL 14. Two of the top five advertisers were the same in IPL 14 and IPL 13, those are Sporta Technologies and FX Mart. Among the first 13 matches, IPL 14 faced an 8% growth rate in categories We could analyse the downfall of 14% and 18% in many advertisers.

Thereafter, bagged the top exclusive brand on the English and Hindi language sports channel. The 7 Up is on the exclusive brands on regional sports channels. Including the top 100 brands advertised on both Regional and English sports channels in the first 13 matches of IPL 14. bagged the top amidst the common brands.

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