Analyse your Performance on Instagram


With more than a billion users, Instagram is a very powerful platform for the promotion and advertisements of brands and businesses. It is indeed possible to measure your growth and engagement on Instagram but before that, you need to understand what the metrics mean, sort out the ones that are important to you, understand how each one of them can enhance your growth and engagement, and so on.

Given below are a few tips to help you figure out your performance on Instagram

KPI: Key Performance Indicator is a metric that helps you to analyze your performance on a social media campaign. Instagram tells you your KPI analyzing the following

  • Follower growth rate.
  • Engagement per follower.
  • Website traffic.
  • Comments per post.
  • Instagram stories engagement

Hashtags: Hashtags are one of the most important strategies while trying to get more attention on Instagram. While uploading a post we must use hashtags that are more often used. In short, hashtags make the post more discoverable. To find the correct hashtag you must study your competitors.

Here are some tips that can be used to find the correct hashtag:

  • The social media reach of a hashtag
  • The volume of engagement
  • Other popular hashtags
  • The volume of mentions 

Follower growth: It is a sign which shows how many people have followed you in a specific period. For example, if a company had 100 followers and they got 10 followers in a week that’s a 10% growth rate. By doing this you can know what kind of people likes your content and know what kind of people you have to reach out to.

Well here are some things that you should definitely look at when you are checking your follower growth rate:

  • New follower count
  • Follower/following ratio

Reach and impressions: reach and impressions are one of the key factors while promoting your content on Instagram. Sometimes even if you have a lot of followers a majority won’t see your content. For example, if an account has 1 million followers, each post would only get 70 to 100 thousand likes. All this is because of the Instagram algorithm.

Many think that reach and impression are the same. But the difference is that impressions are the total number of times your content could have been seen.

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