Analytics to weave higher-education plans


Platforms use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help the students to make informed decisions in their chase to study abroad as well as to organize themselves for the careers of tomorrow.

Various platforms help the students in making decisions with the assistance of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. These provide decisive information which can be of assistance to make decisions regarding studying abroad and much more. With this article, you will get acquainted with some of these platforms.

Buddy4Study: An Indian company that makes quality education reachable for all with its large scholarship network. It enables simple access to scholarships and simplifies the scholarship process for students and at the same time makes the disbursement process easier for providers. Buddy4Study offers alerts to over 2 million users by deploying AI to match the scholarships or grants with worthy candidates. They also assist to design, launch, manage, and track their scholarship program raised by corporations, NGOs, government agencies, public sector undertakings, and individuals. This platform enables the students to go through the complete admission process comfortably from the comfort of their homes.

EDVOY: Edvoy is a free AI-driven digital platform that provides impartial advice, content, and application support for prospective students across South Asia. It consists of a multilingual team with 100+ highly qualified consultants in the educational sector. Edvoy has so far assisted 20,000 international students worldwide. This platform simplifies the application process by enabling students to apply to multiple universities in a single platform using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Edvoy assists them with truthful and tailored advice. This saves the time in deciding a suitable Institution. Their real-life as well as AI advisors enable students to apply and study in the destination country after researching available courses and scholarship options.

Leverage Edu: is an Ed-tech company that empowers students across India to pick their preferred career along with higher education options. With just one click users can access personalized mentors as well as leading global universities. This platform provides 1:1 virtual mentorship using AI tools to help students decide what courses or colleges they are best suited for. It also gives access to the Post successful admits, along with exclusive scholarships, industry-based educational loans, accommodation, and much more.

Study Group: is an international education-provider that promotes determined students from various academic backgrounds and train them for success at their preferred university via on-campus international study centers. Study Group provides a unique experience for students by using Artificial Intelligence to automate administrative functions including visa processes, accommodation, and course registration.


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