Artificial Intelligence as an aide for Factory Floor Safety


One of the biggest question post coronavirus lockdowns has been how do factories and workplaces re-open, ensuring the safety of their employees. As employers around the globe grapple with this, the answer lies in adopting Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The COVID -19 crisis is putting pressure on every industry. They have to focus on appropriate preventive measures to achieve a safe and healthy return to work and contribute to suppress transmission of COVID-19.

Factories around the world are turning to AI technology to help them safely reopen the factory floor after being shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. Many startups are aiding this effort with artificial intelligence tools, software, sensors and robotics, that make it easier for workers to keep social distancing in factories and let engineers monitor and fix problems remotely.

It is evident, More than from increasing employee productivity, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will also drive the safety of the workforce. Floor managers and supervisors in factories were facing difficulties in monitoring their employees, if they were wearing the required safety gear constantly or not and to ensure social distancing of visitors as well.

AI using camera feed, visual analytics                        

Artificial intelligence solution uses a combination of visual analytics, mathematical, and neural network models to analyse video feed of any existing camera including CCTV connected to the cloud or the company’s server. These cameras capture and scans the real-time feeds and immediately sends out an alert when a breach occurs within the workplace to the safety officer or supervisors. If social distancing guidelines or safety gear usage (masks, helmets, safety jackets, etc.) are not followed. This technology can also be used for increasing workforce productivity, detecting fires and reducing manufacturing defects.

Smartphone technology

Smartphone technology provides real-time alerts on the employee’s and sends out an instant alert to its owner, thereby providing an active defence system. When social distancing is breached, an alert is triggered and it is recorded on the back-end AI application. This application provides relevant reports and dashboard which is only accessible by the health or safety officer of that particular factory

Wearable devices

The third solution involves AI wearable devices such as a wrist-band or smartwatches, which vibrates when a worker breaches social distancing and geo-fencing norms. This innovative technology platform is used to drive operational and workforce productivity by locating and coordinating human, machine and material flow. The use of this technology as a non-intrusive way to create social distancing awareness is increasing.


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