Artificial Intelligence in Alzheimer’s Detection


Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are two neurodegenerative diseases that are progressive and lead the person suffering from it to go through progressive neurodegeneration.

These diseases are extremely difficult to diagnose due to the complexity of their molecular structure. This in turn results in the late diagnosis of the disease. These types of neural diseases need to be treated from an early stage to slow the progress but as mentioned above the diagnosis is difficult and most times when it is diagnosed, it is far too late.

Alzheimer Diagnosis by AI

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis is extremely difficult. The detection is only possible when it already progressed to the last stages where there is neural degeneration. The reason for such difficulty is due to the complexity of the Alzheimer cells.  MRI scans do not usually find the disease then and there. By using artificial intelligence as a diagnostic tool Alzheimer’s can be detected at a much earlier stage. The MRI’s and tissue samples of Alzheimer’s patients can be fed into the AI algorithm. The AI then uses this information to find infected cells of the patient and also help to diagnose the disease from the MRI scans much quicker than the technicians. This type of diagnosis is seen in MRI scans of other diseases and body deformities.

Diagnosis Based on Impaired cognitive functions

The neural degeneration of the patient leads to impaired cognitive functions ie the patient has the inability to make new memories. This will lead to patients unable to do daily activities with the former precision. Now by comparing the cognitive activities of a healthy individual with a person affected by Alzheimer’s the algorithm can quickly flag out the person that has suspected Parkinson’s disease or suspected Alzheimer’s disease. This early detection can help medical professionals learn about the early stages of the disease and help them in treatment against the same.


Now with the advent of artificial intelligence in the medical field, diseases can be detected much earlier. The information collected from diseases can be used for research purposes and also help to detect and stop future pandemics from happening.


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