As the brand’s digital partner for Tiger Balm, BC Web Wise is about to make a tremendous leap.


The Singaporean company Haw Par Corporation produces and distributes Tiger Balm, a heat rub with a 100-year history as a pain reliever. The digital responsibilities for the Tiger Balm brand in India have recently been transferred from Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP to BC Web Wise. With a keen eye on the future of digital marketing, the agency will steer the brand’s positioning and awareness for its whole line of goods and assist in gaining increased market share in the sector of efficient pain relief.

A variety of multi-branded, international personal care goods are offered by Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP, a well-known long-time leader in nationwide distribution. These brands include ones like Gatsby and Tiger Balm.

Tiger Balm has evolved with the times since it was founded in 1924 and has established a niche for itself in the market for pain relief. The company is now thinking about expanding and boosting its presence in India as it wants to expand its footprint by speaking the language of millennials and altering its communication to appeal to the young.

“Older generations of Indians have grown up trusting the high-quality formulation of Tiger balm for strong and effective pain treatment,” says Puneet Motiani, Designated Partner, Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP, when speaking about having a new digital partner. We are now starting a journey with BC Web Wise to resurrect the brand in the digital age and make it relevant to all generations.

“Tiger Balm is a decades-old trusted brand that is rewriting its DNA to connect with younger audiences, and Gardenia Cosmotrade will benefit from BC Webwise’s digital mindset on this trip,” stated Pankaj Bhawnani, Brand & Marketing Expert and Advisor to the Gardenia Board.

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, founder & MD, BC Web Wise, comments on their selection as Gatsby partners: “Tiger Balm is a decades-old trusted Singaporean brand with a novel approach to digital marketing in India. We at BC Web Wise are thrilled to collaborate with such a household powerhouse because we have a solid track record of working with legacies. We are prepared to make the Tiger invade every crevice of India’s digital marketing jungle with the help of Gardenia Cosmotrade and our roaring success tales.

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