DOOH (digital out-of-home) has started to rise in India. Due to the COVID pandemic that occurred last year, there was an increase in growth. DOOH offerings have become even more appealing for marketers since in the current market scenario the importance of tracking the data insights and campaigns. Contextual advertising which is for targeted and personalized content which is another trend that came due to the pandemic. An automated media buying model would be the best and an ideal pathway to success since there is an increase in the request of DOOH. But there still lies a question of whether automated media buying models see a chance of growth or a hope in a market place like India since India is still trying to navigate the obstacles of govt restriction when it comes to DOOH media sites.

Based on the data of their targeted audience the structuring a time for the campaigns which is done by the brands is allowed by the automated media buying approach. The campaign will be conducted according to the data and the context of the ad instead of having a 24×7 approach with low-impact visibility. The founder and CEO of Lemma, Gulab Patil commented that automated media buying is a natural progression of events and isn’t just a norm. Nowadays every manual process is transforming into an automated system across the world. Digitalization of assets is the cause of the recent growth within OOH that caused an increase in both supply and demand for this medium. The accelerating in the digital shift due to the pandemic and marketers shifting focus from vanilla branding to ROI and conversions. It is predicted that DOOH will grow at a very large rate. Managing Director of Eyetalk Media Ventures, Gautam Bhirani commented that the buyers and sellers will have a new way to operate by the automation of buying and delivery.

Automation is the way forward with DOOH taking a big leap and integrating with digital advertising. But it is still complex for the transition of one to many mediums. To make both automated guaranteed and real-time bidding truly live there is a need for flawless connectivity, advanced processors to operating software, and systems on both sides. By this, there is the migration of media owners from spreadsheets and phone calls to a fully live system that delivers availability and cost in real-time, and from the automated buyer, they accept bookings.

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