Avocados from Mexico launches it’s AI powered website, coinciding with NCAA men’s basketball tournament


Avocados From Mexico(AFM) recently launched it’s new website that uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) to help personalize the experience based on consumer engagement with its content. The Avocado Nation Website includes sections to watch videos from creators, win merchandise and join a loyalty program, per an announcement.

Avocado Nation uses the group’s consumer data platform (CDP) to study consumer interactions with the content and algorithms to recommend content predicted to be most engaging. The selection includes videos produced in collaboration with popular content creators, who have produced more than 70 videos to date. Rather than sponsoring videos that appear on social media or video-sharing sites and may get lost in the clutter, AFM’s website pools the content into a platform that it manages. From there, it can apply its AI technology to analyze the viewing habits of visitors who register and log into the site, and provide customized recommendations on what else to watch. AFM is among the marketers that have created branded merchandise to appeal to loyal customers in recent campaigns. The launch of Avocado Nation follows the rollout of its “Taco Tip Off ” promotion that coincide with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. During the regular NFL season, AFM ran its first celebrity led shopper marketing program to engage consumers in stores. The Avocado Shopping Network, which is partly tribute to AFM’s Super Bowl commercial in 2020, offers people a chance to win avocado-themed sportswear by posting their favorite items on their social media accounts.


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