Ayushakti launches Swasavin D Vyro (Virofight), an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and immunity booster tablet


Mumbai, December, 1st 2020: Ayushakti, one of the leading and most trusted ayurvedic health centres around the world, co-founded by Ayurveda expert Dr. Smita Naram has launched Swasavin D Vyro tablet, a 100% herbal formulation which acts as an immune modulator, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory remedy for all respiratory and other health-related conditions.

Swasavin D Vyro tablet is formulated using Ayurvedic herbal extracts such as Giloy, Madhuyashti, Kalmegh, Shatavari Pomegranate peel, Tulsi, Kutaj, Shunti, and others. These herbs are proven to have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties. Apart from these it also provides long lasting health benefits such as strengthen the respiratory functions, relieving the frequent cough, cold allergies, sneezing and throat infections, improving digestion, reducing stress and anxiety. 

A recent research published in the peer-reviewed international journal (GJMR) states that Swasavin D-Vyro/Vyrofight is the best effective Immunomodulatory, Anti-Viral, Anti Inflammatory and Antioxidant.


Announcing the launch of Swasavin D Vyro, Dr. Smita Pankaj Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti, said: “People are preferring the use of Ayurvedic medicines as an alternate therapy for many chronic diseases as well as acute diseases nowadays. With Covid-19 pandemic being in effect people have moved towards Ayurveda for cure and prevention of the disease and Ayurvedic formulations/kitchen remedies have now become an integral part of everyone’s daily health routine. Swasavin D Vyro tablets bring in a combination of many Ayurvedic herbs such as Guduchi, Dadim, Madhuyashti ,Kalmegh, Kutaj, Sunthi, etc. Many scientific research reports published affirms that these herbs are proven to improve the basic immune cells in the body and it also helps increase the body’s capacity to create antibodies to fight the infections remarkably.”

“The Swasavin D Vyro tablet can provide relief from viral infections which commonly affect both the respiratory tract, upper and lower respiratory tract. We at Ayushakti take pride in preparing safe, effective, and affordable healthcare products for all by the amalgamation of the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda with modern-day science and the launch of Swasavin D Vyro is a step forward in that direction, she further added.”

The Swasavin D Vyro tables are available across all Ayushakti health centres and selected Ayurved Bhandars and are priced at Rs. 160.


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