Azure Marketplace Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell EMC Power scale


Faction, the company’s multi-cloud data provider, announces that Faction’s Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell EMC Power Scale is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Faction’s multi-cloud data platform allows customers to choose the best services from those that serve the cloud, leverage Microsoft’s existing vehicles, and streamline Azure’s revenue.

The announcement is in line with Faction’s effort of “out-of-the-box co-sales” and “Azure IP co-sales enforcement” initiatives through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) Program. This new, streamlined sales process allows customers to leverage their Microsoft applications and eliminate Azure’s dedicated spend on Faction services.

“Companies are moving to Faction because Faction connects data and best-in-class services from multiple cloud providers at the same time,” said Sean Charnock, CEO of Faction. “The acquisition of Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell EMC Power Scale on the Azure Market recognizes significant multi-cloud growth for today’s businesses and the importance of facilitating the delivery of solutions to customers. . “
By leveraging Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell EMC Power Scale from the Azure Marketplace, customers can leverage Azure cloud computing, save time and manage Faction’s Dell EMC Power Scale storage.

This integrated solution is ideal for cloud companies to save money or reduce the need for data-deep applications in the cloud. Faction’s multi-cloud data services can support Big Data with analytics, testing and development, and video streaming, or help solve data loss problems in all areas such as genomics, financial analytics, and health.

Key features and capabilities of Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell EMC Power Scale include:

Faction’s patented multi-cloud data services platform connects data businesses to best-in-class multi-services, delivered simultaneously. Function power organizations of any size, including a large portfolio of warehouses and technology and loyal companies in the Fortune 500.
It allows your clients to get the most out of their asset inventory, resist complex data and break data from silos while removing their inventory.
The offering, combined with the industry-leading implementation of the standard Dell EMC PowerScale, offers multiple benefits for highly challenging data, as evidenced by research experts by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), including:

Measurement: One million CUDA characters were used in conjunction with other general and free large-petabyte file formats.
Performance: Combines channels up to 160Gb / second for the operation of a 70TB set-top box.
Earn money by saving: up to 59% less cost for GPU-based deployment time than on-site GPU-capable services over two years.
Storage costs: 89% lower cost when using Power Scale for Multi-Cloud with one set of comparable storage files with the same set across multiple clouds.
Quality Assurance: Easy to deliver real-time AI / ML services to multiple CSPs while entering a single database.
Supported by multiple patented file technologies, Faction’s multi-cloud data services allow customers to have a single, consolidated copy of the data that allows readers to move around as you read and write together. large-scale data center directly connected to the popularity while services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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