What’s the difference? Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two labels that have created a lot of buzz in the technology industry. Unfortunately, there’s still much skepticism within the common people and the media in respect of what truly is artificial intelligence (AI) and what exactly is machine learning (ML). Majority of the humankind use the expression like artificial intelligence and machine learning as synonymous and they do not know the differentiation between the two. Although these two terms are two different concepts with machine learning being part of artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple words, artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as a subdivision of computer technology dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. It is made up of two expressions “Artificial” and “intelligence”, meaning “a human-made analytical power.” The Artificial intelligence system does not in a way require being pre-programmed; instead, they use such algorithms which can perform with the intelligence of their own.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence, and as defined by Computer technologist, Tom M. Mitchell: “Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience.”  Machine learning is one of the processes we expect to attain artificial intelligence. Machine learning depends on working with little to large datasets by contrasting and examining the data to find usual patterns and to explore modulations.

AI v/s. ML – the difference

  1. Artificial intelligence is a technology that empowers a machine to simulate human behavior. However, Machine learning is a subdivision of artificial intelligence which permits a machine to automatically learn from previous data without programming explicitly.
  2. Artificial intelligence aims to make a smart computer system like humans to solve compound problems. Whereas, Machine learning is to allows devices to absorb data so that they can give precise output. 
  3. The key applications of artificial intelligence are: customer support using catboats, the intelligent humanoid robot, Expert System, Siri,  Online game playing, etc. while the key applications of machine learning are, Facebook auto friend tagging suggestions, Google search algorithms, Online recommender system, etc.
  4. Artificial intelligence completely deals with Unstructured, semi-structured, and structured, and data where Machine learning deals with Semi-structured and Structured data.
  5. In AI, we make intelligent systems to perform any piece of work like a human. Although ML, we teach machines with data to perform a particular task and give a specific result.
  6. Machine learning is an application of AI. It is the procedure of using mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without uninterrupted commands. This enables a computer system to continue learning and improving on its own, based on experience but Artificial intelligence refers to the capability of a computer system to mimic human cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving. Through AI, a computer system uses mathematical logic to simulate the reasoning that people use to absorb new information and make decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used interchangeably. The two terms are used to mean supervised learning. Theoretically, Machine Learning is a subdivision of artificial intelligence.

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