Bank Of Baroda launches end-to-end Digital Platform


Public sector banks Baroda Bank on Monday announced the launch of the end-to-end Digital Platform to facilitate joint venture lending in partnership with NBFCs.

This forum provides seamless integration between the bank and many NBFC partners to strengthen, accelerate and facilitate. Collaborative lending process. The forum uses legal-based algorithms to document, allow credit evaluation, enable marketing, MSME, supply of agricultural loan products and improve process efficiency.

The digital co-operative forum has advanced technical skills in both options. 1 (optional) and optional 2 (optional) models for joint borrowing of safe and secure products following the latest RBI guidelines. in the collective lending model. Co-lending is the winner of all three stakeholders namely customers, partners, and the bank. It provides end-to-end connectivity by allowing banks to reach out to new customer segments and improve credit flow. It allows NBFCs to access affordable bank loans while providing loans with lower ROI to customers.

Bank of Baroda Chief Executive Officer Vikramaditya Singh Khichi said: “The digital co-operation forum will pave the way for both Baroda Bank and NBFC partners to easily integrate and provide creditors with improved TAT. Collaborative lending is a very important aspect of banking and we believe that this modern platform will contribute to achieving a milestone in the years to come. The bank aims to work with at least 10 NBFCs and build partnerships. the loan book of Rs.10 000 million through a digital platform for the next two years. “

At the same time, Akhil Handa, Chief Digital Officer, Baroda Bank, added, “Digital Co-Lending Platform is a state-of-the-art technology solution that provides a complete solution to complex accounting issues common to co-financing. -Borrowing. Factors such as dedicated deposit control and debt collection methods make the platform more unique and better in the classroom, providing a more efficient loan management cycle.”

The company said in a statement that the platform uses algorithms based on issuance certification rules, enables credit rating evaluation, enables commercial product delivery, MSME, Agri and enhances process efficiency.

Baroda Bank’s new platform will facilitate demand for production, escrow management, and group management which are the most important features of a cooperative lending platform, adds Heanda. Bank of Baroda looks forward to acquiring 10 NBFCs on the platform and aims for a Rs 10,000- Loan Letter crore on a joint loan for two years. However, the biggest demand, says Handa, is to reduce interest rates for borrowers, who have been borrowing by 18-24 percent. The only way to reduce the cost of a joint venture is by the end, he said. Generally, the interest rate on mortgage lending is 8 percent or more.

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