BBK Worldwide is acquired by Publicis Health


BBK Worldwide (BBK), a full-service R&D marketing agency and a global leader in clinical trial experience, has been acquired by Publicis Health, the health and wellness component of Publicis Groupe (CTE).

BBK helps biotech and pharmaceutical businesses expedite R&D initiatives by combining patient-centric services and proprietary technology uniquely, complementing Publicis Health’s current CTE capabilities.

“BBK’s comprehensive suite of products, proprietary technology, and category knowledge enables clients to optimize and speed global drug development,” Alexandra von Plato, CEO of Publicis Health, said. Publicis Health delivers a powerful end-to-end value proposition for our clients by combining BBK’s patented technologies and processes with Langland’s award-winning creative capabilities under one roof.”

With decentralized clinical trials and corporate initiatives to promote enrollment diversity, there has been tremendous expansion in the clinical trials operations sector, opening up new chances to deliver compelling patient experiences.

“Patient service delivery designed to ease the patient and caretaker’s healthcare journey has a variety of applications within and outside of the clinical trial arena,” said Joan F. Bachenheimer, Founding Principal and CEO, BBK Worldwide. As part of the Publicis Health network, BBK will have a greater chance to improve people’s perceptions and experiences of care and treatment options.”

BBK, which was founded in 1983 to put the patient first, uses real-world data and experience to reduce barriers to clinical trial participation and improve patient access to care. BBK’s products and services cover the whole clinical trial process, from global travel and reimbursement programs to concierge-service delivery.

TrialCentralNet® (TCN®), the company’s proprietary technology, acts as an operational and technological backbone that can be scaled up or integrated for enterprise-wide use.TCN uses clinical trial data from patients, locations, and sponsors to provide clients with real-world insights that help them innovate and enroll in clinical trials faster.

It provides a sophisticated, single-interface platform for managing various vendors and meeting the demands of patients, sites, and sponsors.BBK is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, and has a subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland. It has global partners in Europe and Asia-Pacific. A team of 50 full-time employees drives the organization, utilizing creative and new thinking to fulfill the needs of today’s clinical trial participants.

Publicis Health will purchase BBK Holdings, which owns 320Agency, TCN® Technologies, and RSG Engagement Solution Center, in addition to BBK Worldwide.

Bachenheimer will report to von Plato, and BBK’s leadership team and organizational structure will remain in place.

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